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Convert to simulated Grayscale

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This routine will create a simulated grayscale image using 3 shades of gray, two whites and a black.
Note: The "Simulated Sepia Separation" routine operates in exactly the same way as the "Simulated Grayscale Separation" routine.
This tutorial can also apply to Sepia-tone images.

Step 1 Preparation
(yellow buttons)

In Photoshop navigate your way to the Tutorials folder on the EasyArt CD and open the file Watch.psd.

This watch image is dull and flat, it will still separate as it is, but if the image is improved before separating the resulting separations will be much better.

Close any other images you have open, so you only have the watch image in your work space.

Go to the Actions list and in the EasyArt section click on the yellow button "Improve image RGB".

Next click on the yellow button "Increase Brightness"

Finally click on the yellow button "Increase Contrast".

Experienced Photoshop users may prefer to enhance their images manually before separation, but as you can see you can achieve excellent results just using a combination of the buttons provided.

There are two options for creating Simulated Grayscale separations.
(A). 4 Color Simulated Grayscale, which creates 2 whites 2 grays and a black channel.
(B). 5 Color Simulated Grayscale, which creates 2 whites 3 grays and a black channel.
Obviously the most realistic Grayscale is the second and the one we will use for this tutorial.

Step 2 Separation
(blue buttons)

Scroll down the Actions list (Window > Show
Actions) to the blue button "5 Color Simulated Gray"
and click. A message will pop up read it and
click continue. Another message will appear when
the routine is complete, click continue. Go to the channels list to view the separations.

This routine can be used on any black & white or color image.

No channel adjustments are needed for this image.


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