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At this stage we can only offer e-mail support but we will reply to your questions within 24 hrs.

Please do not telephone Wilflex PolyOne for EasyArt help but feel free to call with questions and help regarding our ink products

Click HERE to send us an email outlining your EasyArt question, (please be specific) Be sure to include your company name and
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Wilflex MX and PC Express ink recipes for making the EasyArt colors
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EasyArt top 10 most asked questions
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The License you sent doesn't work.
The most common reason why a license number doesn't work is because the number is typed in incorrectly, if you can copy the License number from your email and paste it into the License window using yours computers copy and paste features.

After separation the White Base channel is a solid square.
This usually occurs on some occasions when the levels have not been set in your image. There are two ways of fixing this problem, the first is to click on the "Improve image RGB" before you separate the image, then run the separation routine as usual. The second solution is to use the "Alternate White base" button (blue button) after you have separated your image, then just replace the solid White Base with the this alternate one.

After separation the White Base that was created is very light.

This problem occurs because your image is too dark. If you want a more solid, brighter white base you must also start with a lighter brighter image. If your image is dull and flat EasyArt tries to reproduce this by creating a light white base. Before separation try to lighten your image especially the mid-tones by doing a curve adjustment.
A lighter brighter image will give you a more solid white base. You can also use the "Alternate White Base" button to give you a more opaque White Base.

Which is the best printer for me.
There are three different options to print out your film,

1. Inkjet (DeskJet) - Inkjet printers can print out good film but the only problem is that they need additional RIP software. The RIP software enables them to print out halftone without it they can only produce a random dithered dot pattern. Most Inkjet printers cannot take additional RIP software so cannot print halftones. The most commonly used Inkjet on the market today is the Epson 3000 (which we recommend) and with the additional RIP software produces excellent results and is a reasonably inexpensive option.

2. Laser Printer - this is the easiest to use and the cheapest to buy, most laser printers will print out halftone through Photoshop without additional software (Post script software) but make sure you print out some samples before you buy because not all laser printers can produce halftones. The Laser printer market changes constantly and it is hard to keep up with model numbers and names so it is important to try before you buy!

3. Image setter - This is by far the best option and is by far the most expensive, this is probably what your service bureau is using when you get them to produce your film for you. Good results but not for beginners.
inkjet printers go for the Epson,

Laser Printers try them out and if it produces halftone buy the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Image setter, if your budget can stretch this far forget about the rest and go for this one. 

Can I print EasyArt separations out from Adobe Illustrator
Yes you can. To find out how read this tutorial "Exporting Separations to Illustrator" from our Tutorials page.

I keep getting message no pixels selected and routine stops
If you were using the mask making routine you missed out one important step. After tracing around the area of your image to make a selection you must fill the selection (or path) with black, then you must click the "Make a Mask" button again to finish the routine.
If you are using one of the separation routines then your image resolution or image size is too small. Images should be no smaller than 5 inches wide and 200 dpi to get satisfactory results.

What halftone settings do I use
The EasyArt default settings are - all colors 55 Lpi screen angle 22.5 deg with an elliptical dot shape. For these default settings you will screen print using a 305 screen mesh (120 metric) for all colors and a 180 mesh for the white base (63 metric). the screen angle and recommended dot shape remain the same.
You can use a larger halftone dot size if you are using a more open mesh screen yo can go as low as 45 Lpi for dot size and as high as 65 Lpi, a smaller dot produces smoother graduations and more detail but does require more accurate printing

What screen angles do I use for CMYK
Cyan = 37
Magenta = 22
Yellow = 7
Black = 52

I can't see the colored buttons you show in the video and tutorials
To display the EasyArt actions as colored buttons, go to the actions list (Window > Show Actions) then click on the small triangle in the top right hand corner of the actions list scroll down and click "Button Mode"

After separation the colors all look different from the original
You can alter the color that displays on your monitor by double clicking that color channel then manually change the ink color to something that closer resembles your original image. EasyArt separates to a specific color palette that matches the EasyArt ink, if you change the appearance of the ink color you will have to match that ink color by mixing it yourself.

I am using Windows XP on a network and the install won't start
Register and download the new free upgrade to EasyArt 1.8 or alternatively upgrade to EasyArt 2 click here to upgrade


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