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Wilflex EasyArt 2
Whats new in EasyArt2
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So what's new in EasyArt 2  
Many of the new EasyArt 2 features have been developed as a direct result of customer feedback, we've developed it because you asked for it!. EasyArt is not only about color separation, it's about solutions, providing you, the screen printer with, the tools to achieve what ever is necessary to get the job done.
Wilflex EasyArt 2
Index Separations
Automatically convert your image to index (square dots) from a color palette that you select. Easyart will then automatically create an individual color channel for each color that you specified, including a white base and highlight white.
Distressed effect
One of the hottest and most popular design concepts around the world is the "worn out!" or "Distressed" look. EasyArt will automatically create this effect with the push of a single button.
EasyArt gives you four different distressed effects to choose from, each displaying a different kind of distress, from slightly cracked, worn weave to completely washed out!
Repair low resolution image
Often you will be presented with a very poor quality low resolution image, that is unusable as it is. It's not always possible to get a better quality original, so EasyArt provides you with a solution, a single button, that will create a higher resolution enhanced duplicate that you can separate.
This tool can be a life saver, especially on those rush jobs when you don't have time to chase down a better quality image.
Video Tutor
EasyArt Video Tutor will take you step by step through the different options available with the EasyArt separation and artwork creation system.

After watching the video you can print out the same tutorial directly from the video interface, open the same images in Photoshop and try it out for yourself.
Accurate print proof
Creating an accurate print proof can be difficult to achieve. You can print exactly the same RGB image from three different printer manufacturers and get three different results.
EasyArt produces a halftoned reproduction of your separations. This RGB version will display a more accurate t-shirt print as it also displays the halftone effect produced with screen printing.
EasyArt 2 Upgrade features in Full  
  • Index Separations
  • Repair low resolution image
  • Automatically separate to 5 colors
  • Automatically separate to 6 colors
  • Repair a bad scan
  • Distressed texture 1
  • Distressed texture 2
  • Distressed texture 3
  • Distressed texture 4
  • Improved mask making
  • Add special effects channel
  • EasyArt Layer Styles
  • EasyArt companion Video Tutor CD
  • Improved light blue selection
  • Improved dark blue selection
  • Improved gray selection
  • Enhanced visual onscreen representation
  • Improved "Separate for colored shirts" now works with or without transparency
  • Improved white base for "Separate for colored shirts"
  • Create halftoned print proof
  • Improved halftone conversion for non postscript printers
  • Enhanced separation for Photoshop 7 & CS
  • Install enhanced for Windows XP and Mac OS
  • 75 page User Guide overhauled and expanded with full color step by step magazine style tutorials

Wilflex EasyArt 2

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