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Ok, so you have separated your design, but what colors do you need to mix to print it?.
EasyArt has taken out, all of the guess work, for color matching. Not only does  EasyArt give you all of the tools to separate your image but also gives you the color information to print it.
EasyArt has a range of colors
that you can mix using one of the Wilflex ink mixing systems.
All of the images you separate using
EasyArt (and all of the sample images on this site) can be printed using a selection of the 20 colors in the EasyArt range. You will find you are using the same pots of ink to print all of your different designs, eliminating the need to mix ink for each and every print, (saving money of course!)
The added benefits of using an ink mixing system will also take you far beyond EasyArt. The mixing system can accurately produce all of the pantone colors, individual spot colors that you can record for future use and provide you with an ink mixing process that anyone in your organization can use, and free ink management software will drop your stock levels dramatically saving you time and most importantly MONEY! (no more waste!).

The perfect relationship between EasyArt and an ink mixing system can take you to the next level of quality, consistency and production at an amazing low price.

To learn more about the Wilflex mixing systems follow this link
Wilflex Mixing Systems


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