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Exporting a separated image to Illustrator for output and adding text

Saving your image as an EPS file Photoshop 7

After your image has been separated.

First you must delete the RGB channels.

1. Select the blue RGB channel and drag down to bin icon to delete. You may be asked to flatten layers select "Yes" Then do the same with the Cyan and Magenta and also delete the shirt color channel.

2. Delete any other channels that you do not want to use in your separations.
3. Next go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click "File" scroll down and click "Save As". Give your image a name and in the "Format" dropdown list select "Photoshop DCS 2.0 (EPS)" then click "Save"
4. In the "Format" window that appears "Preview" should be set to Tiff(1 bit/pixel) "DCS" set to "Single File DCS.No Composite" and "Encoding" set to "ASCll" (do not click Include Halftone, you can do that in Illustrator) click OK.
5. Open Illustrator create a new page and place (File > Place) make sure you have the linked box checked this means Illustrator will use the image from the original location it is saved onto your hard drive, however if you move it Illustrator will no longer be able to find it. You can embed the EPS file into an Illustrator file but the file will be very large. The image will appear as a rough greyscale but will print out OK.

You can now add your text.
If you look in the Illustrator swatch palette you will see the EasyArt colors added to the list. When you add text assign these EasyArt colors to your text to have them print out with your separations.

This is a very good way of maintaining nice crisp text on your separations but be warned that EPS files can be very large.


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