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Wilflex EasyArt 2
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Wilflex EasyArt 2
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    Color separation and artwork creation system. EasyArt will automatically separate any image into spot color channels automatically creating a white base. Easyart will also tell you what order to print in, which colors to screen print and will give you the ink recipe to mix those colors. No more guess work. EasyArt will separate into Simulated Process, Index, Spot Color, Line Drawing and more.

  • Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher
  • PC install requires Windows 95 or higher
  • Mac install requires OS 9 or higher
  • Tutorial files require Adobe Reader
  • System requirements - if you are currently running Adobe Photoshop
    you will have no problem running EasyArt.
  • EasyArt is a 2 disc CD Rom set.

  • Disc 1 includes EasyArt Software, Tutorials, Separations, Images, Color settings,
    Spot Process Demo software, Wilflex IMS color matching software.
  • Disc 2 includes over 1 hour of video tutorials and step by step printable pdf tutorials
    to accompany the video
EasyArt 2 Main Features:  
Upgrade $99
  • Simulated Process separation
  • Simulated Grayscale separation
  • Simulated Sepia Tone separation
  • Index Separation
  • Selective color separation
  • Convert to Black and White
  • Convert to grayscale
  • Convert to Line Drawing
  • Artistic Impression
  • Add realistic Flesh tone
  • 4 Color Process CMYK
  • Video Tutor CD
  • Halftone output form any printer (No Rip needed)
  • Printed Quick start booklet
  • 75 page full color User Guide (pdf)
  • Separated samples
  • Tutorial images
  • Repair low resolution image
  • Repair Bad Scan
  • Automated image improvement
  • 4 Automatic Distressed effects
  • 25 different edge effects
  • EasyArt Layer styles
  • Text Effects
  • Automated channel adjustments
  • Image preview button
  • Accurate halftoned print proof
  • Add Special Effects ink channel
  • Color profiles
  • unlimited email support
  • multiple install no extra charge
  • and more..

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