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A quick and simple way to create interest in a T-Shirt design is to make it look like some parts of the image are coming out of the background.
For this tutorial we will use one of the automated border routines that comes free with EasyArt but you can create your own if you don't have that.
The first thing we must do is run the EasyEdge"Paint Brush Edge" routine on this image.If you are not using EasyArt make a duplicate of your image and then make a marquee selection about 25% in from the edge of your image, then feather that selection by about 25 pixels, invert the selection and press delete.
This will give you a soft edge. Copy this duplicate image and paste onto a new layer in the original design. If you are using EasyArt run the paintbrush border routine making your selection about 25% in from the edge with the marquee selection tool. Don't worry about the box shape or clipping any part of the dolphins.
With this new layer selected make it 50% transparent and manually line it up with the background layer (If you created the feathered edge you won't have to do this). Next select the original background layer and drag it onto the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers list to duplicate it on a new layer.
Make this duplicate background layer 75% transparent. Turn off the original background layer. What we are trying to achieve is some contrast between the two layers we want to work with so we can easily select the areas that fall beyond the background border we created.
Select the duplicate copy of the background layer and with the Polygonal Lasso tool select copy and paste those areas of the dolphins that protrude past the border area. (like the fins and the nose) make sure you paste them into a layer that is above the bordered layer. Make all layers 100% visible then turn off the background layer and the duplicate of the background layer.
Merge the visible layers together and you should be left with something like the image below. You can manually delete the unwanted layers if you like and then add some text to finish off the design.

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