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EasyArt2 Video Demonstrations

Click on the links below to start the Videos or right click with your mouse and select "Save Link As" to save to your hard drive


Simulated Process Separation Video

This is the standard separation technique on most of your images. EasyArt will automatically create separated color channels that you then apply halftones to when printing out your film. This video demonstrates preparing your image before separation, then automatically separating then making adjustments to the separated channels.

simulated process separation


Simulated Process Photoshop CS4

Separating an Illustrator created image in Photoshop with EasyArt.
(large file -60mb -right click with your mouse to save to your hard drive)


Convert to Line Drawing Video

This video demonstrates EasyArt converting a Photograph into an image that looks like it was drawn by hand.

Line Drawing convert

Simulated Grayscale Separation Video

One of the Easyiest routines to use, this video demonstrates EasyArt converting a scanned image into a 5 color simulated grayscale image creating amazing photorealistic results.

EasyArt simulated grayscale

Output halftones with any inkjet printer

This video demonstrates using the EasyArt halftone routines

EasyArt Halftone video

Index Separation Video

This video demonstrates how to create Index separations using the EasyArt system. This technique although not as automated as the others produces amazing results and is a great learning tool for how indexing works.

EasyArt index separation

Apply Distressed effect Video

A very popular technique of making an image look worn out washed out. This video demonstrates EasyArt applying this effect automatically.

EasyArt distressed effect

Create Easy Edges Video

A great way to give your scanned images and designs a little more interest. EasyArt will automatically apply an edge or frame effect to any image. This video demonstrates 1 of the many edge effects that comes with EasyArt2.

EasyArt easy edges


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